This week Samsung announced that they are bringing new features to their 2016 UHD TV range.

Today they revealed that these TVs will now support 4K HDR playback via their newly updated and expanded YouTube app, which will now allow you to watch this high-res content right from your TV.

You can access this new HDR content on the YouTube app, just head on over to the new HDR category on the YouTube 4K channel from your Samsung TV today.

They said more about it in their press release:

Samsung Electronics today announced that it will support YouTube’s global HDR playback on television for the first time, through an expanded version of the YouTube application. The YouTube Application is available on all 2016 Samsung Quantum dot TVs and UHD TVs and will launch progressively throughout the world from December.

“With the global availability of YouTube’s HDR, we at Samsung are thrilled to support the best HDR viewing experience and a wide range of HDR content for users to enjoy,” said Seline Han, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are confident that our TVs will bring to life an immersive HDR viewing experience — all from the comfort of our users’ homes.”

Hit up the source link below for a quick look.

Source: Samsung

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