Samsung has today released what they are saying is the world’s first 1TB mSATA SSD, dubbed the 840 EVO mSATA mini-serial SSD, it is 40 percent lighter and a twelfth thinner than a typical HDD, and will feature 98,000 random read and 90,000 random write iOPS (Input Output Operations Per Second).

The 840 EVO SSD will also come equipped with Samsung’s advanced 128 gigabit NAND flash memory that has been based on 10 nanometer class process technology, including a total of four flash memory packages, each of which have 16 layers of 128GB chips.

The drive was first unveiled back in July during the Samsung SSD Global Summit, but will now finally available to purchase worldwide later this month, (no exact release date has been revealed yet).

Unsoo Kim, senior vice president, memory brand product marketing, Samsung Electronics explains : “With the new mSATA SSD line-up offering up to 1TB of memory and an optimized software tool, we expect that consumers can enjoy high storage volume and performance on ultra-slim notebooks besides desktop PCs,”

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Via: Engadget

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