Samsung’s Developer Conference for 2016 will be kicked off later today, and is set to reveal a few new things from Samsung.

Thankfully, you don’t have to actually attend the conference in order to check out what’s new, you just need to watch the live stream that they will be kicking off later today.

Here are some of the people who will be speaking at the keynote:

  • DJ Koh, President, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung
  • Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President, Head of R&D, Software and Services Mobile Communications Business, Samsung
  • Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystems and IoT General Manager, Samsung
    Sang Kim, Vice President, Business Development, Samsung
  • Alex Hawkinson, Founder, CEO, SmartThings
  • Emily Becher, Head of Samsung Accelerator, Global Innovation Center, Samsung

We don’t yet know what will be revealed during the conference, however, as soon as we find more official stuff out, we will let you know about it.

The opening keynote will begin on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 9:30am PST/ around 17:30 BST.

You will be able to watch the live stream on Samsung’s website, if we get an embed code for it, we will also embed it above.

Source: Samsung

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