Today Samsung announced a new kind of television called The Frame, designed by Yves Behar’s studio Fuseproject, the television has been designed to look like framed artwork when hung on the wall, from where it has been created to “disappear in the décor” by sitting flat against the wall.

The Frame will also show artwork when it isn’t in use and will then turn completely off when nobody is in the room.

Behar said the following about it:

“In our smaller homes and apartments, when a television is off, its black square takes up valuable real estate.”

“Rather than designing a product that only comes to life when watching entertainment, we began to think about a display that offers new inspiration in our lives,” said Béhar. “What if the TV display in my home delivered a different experience? What if the TV disappeared in the décor when it’s not in use?”

The Frame will also use something that Samsung calls an “Invisible Connection”, which is an optical cable that will connect the screen to their One Connect box elsewhere in the room, which can then be connected to your other home entertainment equipment.

It will be able to show more than 100 different artworks and it will be available with a range of different colour bezels so that you can fit it to your decor.

Of course, it also works as a TV.

Samsung has confirmed that The Frame will be available at €2,199 for the 55-inch model and that it will be on sale from the end of May 2017.

Sadly, that’s about all that we know about it just yet.

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