Today Samsung’s most anticipated smartphones go on sale here in the UK, the Galaxy Note which is packed full with some amazing features one of those being it’s massive 5.29-inch SuperLED screen, which allows you to mix a tablet experience with a smartphone.

That’s all good but what really matters is how it will affect your bank balance, and this phone will certainly set you back a few quid, so far the only way to get the phone is from O2, where you will have to pay a total of £63 per month over a 24 month period, with no upfront fee.

If this turns you off a bit, O2 have set up a deal too early adopters where you will receive £100 worth of movies and music free from the Samsung hub, alternatively if you prefer you can currently buy the phone unlocked from Amazon for around £569.

Will you be splashing out on the Galaxy Note this Christmas?

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