SamMobile has today reported something interesting, citing a source that claims the Samsung Galaxy S6 will ditch all of the usual bloatware we see in many of Samsung’s devices and will instead make most of it’s applications downloadable.

SamMobile didn’t state exactly which of the usual pre-installed Samsung apps will be removed, however they do say that apps like S Voice, S Health, S Note and more may not be pre-loaded onto the device, and instead be offered from the Galaxy Apps store.

However that isn’t the most interesting part of the report, the most interesting part is their claim that Samsung will pre-install a number of Microsoft apps on the S6, marking what might be a new partnership with both Samsung and Microsoft.

According to the report these apps will include Microsoft, OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile with a free Office 365 subscription and SKupe, all of which are said to be ready to go on the device from day one.

SamMobile’s source also claimed a number of other changes to the S6, stating that it will be a lot faster that the Galaxy Note 4, and will include a number of animations and a brand new UI with a number of different changes.

SamMobile stating these changes to the UI as the following:

• Samsung’s default keyboard app supposedly looks more like a mix between the keyboard on the Galaxy Tab S and the iOS keyboard.
• More theming options are available
• All Samsung’s apps are more colorful
• You can select between 4×4, 4×5 and 5×5 icon layouts for the app drawer
• The app drawer no longer supports endless cycling through the list of apps (meaning you can’t go back from the last page to the first without going back through the previous pages).
• The music app still runs in full-screen mode at all times
• The dialer app looks “green as grass”, or that’s what we were told.
Overall, it sure looks like Samsung is making some much-needed changes to the way its software looks and functions, which can only be good for the end-user if the company can manage to retain some of TouchWiz’s best features and at the same time make it faster and cut out some of the fat. It surely has us interested in what the Galaxy S6 will bring to the table, and Samsung’s UNPACKED event on March 1 just can’t come soon enough.

As of yet this is all just a rumour, however we should hear more official stuff at MWC 2015 in the next two weeks.

Source: SamMobile

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