Samsung has this week revealed a new concept for a surfboard that they are using to promote the new Galaxy smartphone.

Called the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard, it is equipped with a waterproof secret drawer that can house your Samsung smartphone and keep it safe whilst you are surfing.

The Galaxy surfboard is a board that has a Samsung smartphone as a technological heart, allowing the world champion Gabriel Medina receive technical instructions in real time during training . Helping to improve their performance to the maximum. And to motivate you even more , the board can also receive messages of encouragement from the crowd by hashtag #GOMEDINA .

It also features its own screen that grabs information from your stored Galaxy smartphone, allowing you to view your tweets and notifications at the same time as riding the waves.

Whether or not that is something that is needed is a question for another time.

Go ahead and take a look at the concept in the video below.

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