Earlier today Samsung revealed the audio and home theatre products that they will be showing off at CES, but they weren’t the only products that they have set for an early reveal apparently.

We know this because Samsung also revealed their latest robot vacuum cleaner ahead of the CES 2017 event today.

Called the Powerbot VR7000, it is a new vacuum cleaner that has a particularly special feature that allows it to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant system.

With this integration, you will be able to operate and control the vacuum cleaner with a set of voice controls via the Amazon Echo device, or another Alexa-compatible device.

It also comes with some new software features that Samsung say will allow it to more intelligently map out rooms and optimise its cleaning process depending on the floor type that it is cleaning.

All of this comes in a build that it less than 4 inches tall, making it 28 percent thinner than the previous version according to Samsung. They also say that it can provide 20 watts of suction power on the most powerful version of the cleaner.

Samsung hasn’t revealed any pricing or availability details for the Powerbot VR7000 just yet, however, they will be showing it off at CES, so we should hear more at CES 2017 next week.

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