SanDisk has unveiled a new solution to expand your iPhone’s storage this week.

Called the SanDisk iXpand Memory Case, it is a easy to use solution that can increase your storage by 32GBs, 64GBs or 126GBs, depending on your preference.

However, it is only currently compatible with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, so if you have a Plus model or an older model then you are out of luck.

If that’s not a problem for you then the case might be an awesome option. Manufactured with a hard plastic exterior and a soft rubber interior, it has been designed to protect your iPhone, as well as automatically backup the photos from your camera roll, as well as store other data.

This all works via the iXpand Memory Case app, which is free in the App Store and allows you to password protect the case.

You can pick one up from Amazon today, however, it only seems to be in the US store currently, hopefully it will reach the UK version at some point soon.

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