At Mobile World Congress SanDisk made the announcement of the world’s first 128GB microSD card, or more specifically microSDXC card, which means in order to use the card you will need a device that is compatible with XC, which is the larger capacity standard and is often confused with standard SD, but is in fact completely different, despite its shape.

The card also comes with a Class 10 UHS-1 rating, which isn’t quite the UHS-II some might be hoping, but is still a decently quick standard that is ready for practically any device (as long as it is compatible with XC anyway).

Aimed at the tablet and smartphone market, the new card will help users stores a ton of music, photos and videos, without compromising their in-built storage, granting storage that a few laptop owners might be jealous of.

The card will be available for €150 at launch, which is about £124 here the UK, however no exact release date or even confirmation of price has been given for the UK yet.

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