Today Satechi announced the release of a new adapter that has been designed to expand the capabilities of your MacBook.

This is their new USB-C to HDMI cable that will allow you to display 4K content from your MacBook on a compatible 4K display and all with a 60hz refresh rate.

This allows you to expand that fantastic MacBook display to something that’s a little larger and maybe even better at showing content.

On top of that, the cable is six foot long so it should be perfect for any desk, and you can even get it in a range of colour options including Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Grey.

Unfortunately, you can only pick up the cable in Silver or Grey today, however, you will be able to grab it in Gold or Rose Gold later this year.

The cable is available now through Satechi’s website or from Amazon for $34.99 in the US or £34.99 in the UK.

You can pick it up at the source link below.

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