An interesting idea has been revealed this week, called Scribble it is an ink pen that allows the use to draw in any colour they want, simply scan the colour from anything around you then draw with that colour.

And that’s not all, the pen will also be released alongside a mobile app that will allow the user to access all of their captured colours, and transfer them back to the pen using Bluetooth. Within which the pen itself can hold over 100,000 unique colours in its internal memory, and even reproduce over 16 million colours.

This all works by using a 16-bit RGB colour sensor, ARM 9 processor, 1GB of storage, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. All of which allows the pen the detect the scanned colour and then mix the ink inside of the pen to recreate it.

“For the color blind, kids, interior decorators, homeowners, teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students, the Scribble color picker pen will make copying an exact color, any color from any object, an absolute breeze.,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “With Scribble you can scan, match or compare colors, draw on paper or your mobile device. We know people are going to love it.”

The included app will also allows user to organise, tag, search and convert their scanned colour, and even start doodling with one of their stored colours right from the app.

Currently the Scribble pen is set to launch on Kickstarter soon, but users can register to be notified on the pens Kickstarter launch by heading over to the link below, where you will also be able to view more information about the pen itself.

Source: Scribble

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