As part of Gamescom 2015 Seagate announced a brand new hard drive, specifically designed to be used with the Xbox One, it has been dubbed the Game Drive for Xbox and will be priced at $109.99 in the US.

For that you get a 2TB hard drive that is designed for use with both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The drive itself uses USB 3.0 technology and is covered in the Xbox shade of green, featuring an embossed Xbox logo that it look like Microsoft made it, despite the fact that they didn’t.


With the drive users can expand the amount of storage they have on the Xbox, allowing them to store as many games as their hearts desire.

This is great news for Seagate, who will use this opportunity to make into a brand new market. Seagate’s Jeff Fochtman explains more:

“This exciting new collaboration with Microsoft is an important milestone for Seagate that will help us to reach a new audience, which has an insatiable appetite for storage.”

The Seagate Game Drive for Xbox will be available later this month.

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