If you are looking for sheer speed on your computer then today’s news might be of interest to you, and that is the unveiling of what Seagate claims to be the world’s fastest SSD.

Taking advantage of 16-lane PCIe and NVMe, the drive is cable of push 10 gigabytes of data per second, which is the faster ever in a drive according to the company. In fact, Seagate say that it is 4GB/s faster than the previous record for a production SSD.

But that’s not all, the drive also meets the specifications of the Open Compute Project, which means that it has a high level of compatibility across data centers and enterprise applications.

It is capable of all of this because it is a PCIe drive, which allows the drive to take advantage of greater speeds than a traditional eSATA SSD, which are limited by the protocol to around 500MB/s per second.

If the speed is too much for you, then Seagate will also have an eight-lane version of the drive, which is still capable of speeds of 6.7GB/s, and is designed that don’t need the full speed experience, and would rather have something a little cheaper.

And all of these drives are production-ready, with the drives rolling out from this summer, which means you can expect it to begin making its way to consumer units eventually, however, its unlike that you will see one anytime soon, as it will probably have a huge price.

That said, Seagate hasn’t announced the price yet.

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