Seedio is one of those apps that proves how innovative developers for the iOS platform truly are. Built by a team of six developers, Seedio allows you to connect all of your iOS devices to eachother and stream music that is stored on one phone to them all, compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone the application basically allows you to create one huge loudspeaker.

The app works by using one device as the seeder, this device is the one designated to choosing the audio from either iTunes or YouTube, up to 150 other iOS devices can connect via a router and become the speakers that play the audio, which basically allows you to create a surrond sound system with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

You can also use an ad-hoc connection to link these devices, but that will limit you to only four devices, the app is currently available on the iTunes App Store for free, but the full app will be going up in price shortly, there will however be a free app for the seeders, which is kinda cool.

Check out the app via the source link below.

Via [iTunes App Store]

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