Sometimes as an entrepreneur it can be hard to find start-up capital for your new idea without going through a ton of paperwork or cash, and as an investor it can be hard to find a good investment from the comfort of your living room.

But that’s where the new seed-funding platform called Seedrs comes into play, launching today the website will allow anyone in the UK to receive crowd funding on your idea, or if your fresh out of ideas invest into a new one.

Investing in a startup is real easy all you have to do is sign up, pick your startup to invest in and send them a minimum of £10 ass an investment, it’s sort of like Kickstarter but instead of a product you actually receive shares in the end business.

the service will be launching today and any user who signs up will be able to watch various pitches from the entrepreneurs, which so far includes a wide range of companies for you to invest in.

If you think this is something you would be interested in head over to the Seedrs website, if you need to know a little more check out the video below.


[showhide type=”pressrelease”]UK startups break out of the Dragons’ Den

New seedfunding platform Seedrs launches today, is set to shake up tech funding in the UK by bypassing the boardroom and letting the crowd invest in early-stage startups.
Seedrs takes the investment pitch out of the boardroom and into the living room, allowing startups to pitch online to millions of would-be angels, while covering the legal fees that have traditionally priced out amateur investors.
Economists and politicians alike say that we need more entrepreneurs, but until now, the only people able to buy equity in fledgling companies have been big-time investors in large cities.
With the launch of Seedrs, now the crowd can fund innovative tech startups, and get a share of the profits when big ideas become big business.
Take Greg Pallis, a former maths teacher from Brecon, and founder of educational games website PlayBrighter. For his students, school was the end of the line. Teaching at a specialist unit for young boys who had been expelled, or taken out of mainstream education, every lesson was a struggle – to seize and hold the interest of the student who would rather be anywhere else, and isn’t afraid to tell you about it.


Pallis needed his students to learn their times tables, but he wasn’t a disciplinarian. He wasn’t going to shout at the boys all day – that would be a slow and exhausting way to teach. His idea: “Instead of forcing my students to learn – why not make them want to learn?”
So, in his spare time, he developed educational video games that would hold their attention, at the same time as teaching them what they needed to learn. It worked. They played the games, and they learned their times tables, without any shouting. Having stumbled upon a great idea, Greg wanted to do it again. He wanted to help more teenagers and teachers in more schools. He set up a company, PlayBrighter. All he needed was some investment…
…but the same things that made Greg the ideal entrepreneur – experience on the front line of education, a problem to solve and an absolute focus on solving it – made it hard for him to find a backer. He also lived in Brecon, in rural mid-Wales. Big-time investors work in big cities. They are used to slick pitches, to an entrepreneur already knowing “how things are done in business”. That means that good businesspeople get ahead, while great ideas get ignored.
That’s a loss for investors and entrepreneurs. Why can’t you and I back a company we believe in? Why is this a game that only the big boys can play?
Seedrs looks set to shake things up. From today, users in the UK will be able to sign up at and watch pitches from entrepreneurs across the country. They then decide who they want to invest in, and how much they are willing to put in, starting from as little as £10.

PlayBrighter will be among the first companies to be profiled on Seedrs when it launches on Friday 6 June. For entrepreneurs like Greg, and for new investors, the old barriers are falling down. Now anyone can be part of the next Google. All it takes is one big idea.[/showhide]
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