Sennheiser has today announced a new set of on-ear headphones to join its already existing Samba range, dubbed the Samba Momentum, the headphones have been designed with some of the best materials available, and some of the best audio technology to go with it.

Designed to fit over the users head perfectly, the Momentum On-Ear headphones have been covered with a supersoft, breathable and durable material called Alcantara, and the pads themselves have been filled with two layers of “special foam”.

To adjust the headphones, the ear cups have been attached to a couple of ball joints which work as sliders, allowing you to move the ear cup up or down for the perfect fit.

In terms of sound, the Momentum headphones have also been fitted with a couple of high-end tranducers, which are said to provide music that is detailed, whilst providing a powerful amount of bass.

Finally there’s also a metal in-line control unit, with microphone that can support the iPod, iPad and iPhone, allowing the user to control their music and phone calls without having to get their device out of the pocket or bag.

The Limited Edition Sennheiser Samba Momentum On-Ear Headpgones will be available exclusively from John Lewis in May, priced at £169.96, available in blue, green and yellow.

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