Today Sennheiser announced a new set of headphones.

There are three new models in particular, two of which are brand new models and one is a redesigned version of a previously released set of headphones.

Possibly the biggest is the new Sennheiser Momentum HD1 Free.

These new headphones are a set of neckbuds, which don’t feature a large plastic backing like what you would normally expect from neck-worn headphones, however, they are attached to each over with a cord between each earbud, which is meant to wrap around your neck.

The mic is on one of these sides and on the other side you will find the playback controls.

The particularly interesting thing about the HD1 is that they are pretty stylish and slimline. They come with support for Bluetooth 4.2, aptX, and AAC.

Sony also says that they feature a six-hour battery life.

When you’re not using them, they also come with a pretty nice leather carrying case, the earbuds also attach to one another magnetically so they won’t hang around.

But they didn’t just unveil one set of headphones today, there are two more on top of that.

The first of the other two headphones is the CX 7.00BT, which is actually similar to the HD1 Free in that they are neckbuds, however, they feature a more traditional design with a large black band that wraps around your neck instead of just a cord.

They have also bee designed to be more affordable than the previous device.

Despite that, the CX 7.00BT come with decent specs with a 10-hour battery life, the ability to recharge the battery in 1.5-hours fully.

It also comes with Bluetooth 4.1 support, aptX support, a built-in mic and more.

Both the CX 7.00BT and the Momentum HD1 Free will be available at some point in October, sadly, we don’t know about pricing just yet.

Last but not least is the Sennheiser IE 80 S, which is the successor to the IE 80.

Sennheiser says that they have an “enhanced fit and high-end style.” compared to that set of headphones. They also feature a newly redesigned look that is slightly smaller and features Sennheiser’s new red and black colour scheme.

To top that off, Sennheiser says that they have better sound quality.

They said that they will be available sometime next month, but sadly, they didn’t reveal pricing.

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