Serif recently launched the newest version of PhotoPlus named X6, the new software has been updated with compatibility for the latest Windows 8 operating system as well as various new features, including the new Smart Edge Refinement Tool which be used to quickly select and adjust intricate parts within photos such as hairs or leaves, and can be used in conjunction with the newly improved Selection Brush.

Alongside that PhotoPlus X6 has also been built on a new 64-bit engine meaning the program can take full advantage of any PC with a 64-bit operating system, allowing users to edit larger images without any lag, there’s also new Multi-threading technology in-built which allows the program to uses all of your computers cores for a faster processing speed.

Raw Studio also got an update with more in-place adjustments including curves, lighting, colour and lens corrections, and noise reduction.Alongside which there’s also some new speed improvements to make Raw images load even faster alongside that there’s also some new mask features that allow users to control adjustments in specific areas, fix red-eye, repair and crop images.

The full list can be viewed below, after which you can pick up the new software at the source link, however if you want to get the full view on the new PhotoPlus X6 software beforehand we will be posting or full review soon.

  • New: 64-bit Engine – Quickly load and edit very large image files without the risk of running out of computer memory.
  • New: Smart Selection Brush – Create fast and accurate selections with greater control and smoothness.
  • New: Smart Edge Refinement – Using new edge refinement technology, this tool makes it easy to select and adjust intricate parts of photos.
  • Improved: Raw Studio – With the new 64-bit operation, Raw image files can be loaded and edited faster than ever before.
  • New: Non-destructive Crop – Saves all image data so photos can be re-cropped again without losing the original image.
  • New: Depth-of-Field Filter – Create stunning miniature Tilt Shift effects by controlling blur and saturation.
  • New: Vector Masks – Create vector masks with fully editable smooth curves for masking layers or adjustments.
  • New: Fill Layers – Fill a layer with a solid color or gradient and adjust them after creation.
  • Improved: Noise Reduction – Reduce noise in images using a new filter which analyses images for frequency noise and removes unwanted artifacts.
  • Improved: Zoom Range – PhotoPlus’ zoom range has been doubled to improve detailed editing of large images or icon creation.
  • Improved: Guides – Guides can now be dragged out from the ruler area or placed accurately with the Alt modifier.

Source: Serif

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