We have all wanted to be James Bond at some point, and with the SGNL you can at be partly on your way to that goal.

It is a smart watch strap that will allow you to take phone calls using just your finger, it does this by using body conduction, allowing you to take calls without a headset, all you need is your fingerprint, with the audio vibrations traveling from the strap to your wrist and into your ear via your finger.

They want this to replace your wrist strap, meaning that you can combine it with a smart watch or an ordinary watch.

It does need to connect to a smartphone over Bluetooth,  but this does also mean you can customise it over a companion app,  allowing to set custom functions and setup led notifications, which can display who’s calling. 

It fits any standard 18-24mm lugs,  but there is a kit included to allow you to adapt your watch if needed.

SGNL is currently looking for funding in the Kickstarter platform and has been designed by an off-white of Samsung , you can find out more about it at the source link.

Source: Kickstarter

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