Shazam has today updated their iOS app with a brand new UI, new sharing features and an overall improved service for the visually impaired.

The new update is available to download from the iTunes App Store and will include an updated listening screen, larger album artwork, automatic resubmission, Google+ sharing and as mentioned before an improved experience for the visually impaired.

The update will however only be available to those running iOS 6.0, check out the full features in the list below.

* An exciting new UI featuring an updated listening screen. Shazam has replaced the “sweep” action with an updated blue Shazam dial that responds to music;
* Larger album artwork. Now, when looking at new tag results for music or TV ads or shows, the artwork is larger and more engaging, improving the rich media results as well as providing users with easy-to-access buttons to listen to a sample and purchase from iTunes;
* Automatic resubmission. If people are in a poor reception area, they no longer have to manually resubmit their tags when they get to a better reception area, and a notification will be shown in iOS Notification Center
* My Tag Search. The new search function makes it easy to find specific tags with a search by name, title, tag date or location;
* Sharing on Google+. Shazam’s users have been clamoring for more sharing options, so now they can share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
* Magic Tap. People who are visually impaired now can start tagging immediately by simply doing a two-finger double-tap from anywhere in the Shazam App, when VoiceOver is enabled
* All versions of Shazam for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch come with unlimited tagging, giving fans more opportunities to engage with music and television content.

Source: iTunes App Store (Shazam)

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