With technology ever advancing the need for new adaptable technology is needed, and one company called ShelfX is already heading towards this hurdle with their newest invention of the vending machine that uses RFID cards, QR cards and smart shelves to automatically charge the user for things they take.

The Vending Fridge doors will unlock after it recognizes your account with the scan of your RFID card, iPhone app or QR code on the fridge, once the doors open you can take your pick of what items you would like to purchase, which will automatically be detected by the fridge.

Once you have finished shopping you can close the fridge and it will add up all the items you have taken and charge it to your chosen payment method on your account.

Alongside this the fridge also helps out the seller keeping track of the stock inside notifying the owner when it gets to low, the fridge will also send monthly remittances to the owner which will contain the revenue made by sales minus the fees that ShelfX keeps for processing all of that data.

If you would like one yourself you can pre-order one now for $599 and $299 for the individual shelves. Check out the video below for more info and check out the ShelfX site.

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