A new gadget has launched on Kickstarter today called the Shellfire Box. Designed to allow the connection of all your devices to a VPN, allowing users to keep a secure and encrypted connection on all of their devices without a touch set-up.

In fact the project try to make it easier to set-up with a web interface that allows you to switch on the vpn server at anytime.

One big difference between the Shellfire Box and other products is that we are designing it for the average user that does not know much about online security and encryption. Once connected to the internet, it will configure and connect itself automatically, meaning it requires absolutely zero expert knowledge! An easy-to-use web interface will allow you to switch your vpn server anytime. But if you’re a true nerd, don’t worry, you’re also invited to the party! Just switch to the advanced interface and you have the full power of linux network tools at your hands!

The Shellfire Box is now available for backing on Indiegogo, they are looking for $25,000 in funding to get the product into production, and at the time of writing they have already reached over $16,000.

You can grab one for yourself from $39.

Source Indiegogo

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