Nominet has today revealed that they will be rolling out shorter .uk domain names in 2014, removing the .co from the traditional domain names in favour of something a little easier to remember and type.

.uk domains will at first be available to companies who already have a stake in that name, such as those who own a domain name like ourselves will be offered the new option before those who don’t own the version. Domain names without an equivalent URL will be sold on a first come, first served basis, costing £3.50 for a single years registration, or £2.50 for a multi-year registration.

Nominet CEO Lesley Cowley said the following about the introduction:

“In an industry that is seeing an unprecedented level of change with the upcoming introduction of over a thousand new top level domains, we’re hard at work to ensure innovation in .uk keeps UK web users and businesses ahead of the curve. At the same time, we’re holding ourselves to a higher standard – expanding the choices available to our customers, upping the bar for security, data quality and the way we engage with our registrars to ensure everyone registering, managing or visiting a website with a domain ending in .uk can be proud to be part of a strong, trusted community.”

Alongside this, Nominet have also announced that they are working to “develop a tool aimed at helping anybody who has a .uk web presence identify when security-related issues are adversely affecting their domain, with a view to encouraging the take-up of additional website security features.”

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