There’s a phone case for just about everything you could want, from rugged ones all the way up to shiny show off ones.

Today we are going to show you some more that come with a slight twist, these are the new cases from FLAVR that have been designed to allow you to show off your acceptance of Christmas on the back of your phone.

FLAVR has named them they “Christmas jumper phone case” and have designed them with a range of Christmas-esk designs that take a modern outlook, with eccentric designs from Santa writing a Christmas message in the snow with his own “tinkle” all the way up to him showing off his moves with a quick dab.

Other than those designs, the cases are quite similar to what you may have seen in other cases on the market, with a flexible plastic design that shows off slight peaks of your smartphone with clear rounded edges around the side and the actual design featured on the back of the case itself.

[alert type=blue ]We tested the iPhone 6/6S version of this case but also received a version for the Galaxy S7, which is very similar in design.[/alert]

Around the left side of the case, there is a cutout for silence switch and a rubber cover for the volume rocker that covers the actual buttons but still allows you to use them.

We see this same rubber cover around the right of the case, which covers the power button on the iPhone. On the bottom of the smartphone you will find cutouts for the charging slot, the headphone port and for the speaker grille, and of course, because there’s nothing on the top of the iPhone, there’s nothing on the top of the case either.

This is a similar situation to the Galaxy S7 case that we received, however, the buttons and cutouts are slightly changed to work with that design.


One of the biggest annoyances with the iPhone 6/6S version of this case is that the cutout for the camera is rather small, there doesn’t seem to be any blockage or affect on the lens, however, after looking at it, you can see it is quick a claustrophobic fit.

Aside from that, the case feels fairly nice in the hand and it fits snuggly onto the iPhone itself, so that’s rather nice.

You can pick up a range of these Christmas cases and other cases from FLAVR on Carphone Warehouse’s website for from £9.99 if you are interested, however, the Christmas cases are obviously quite time exclusive.

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