Earth Hour has only been a thing for nearly eight years now, from which we have only been able to take part in 2 of them (we only launched 3 years ago), however we would still like to call ourselves avid supporters of the Earth Hour campaign by WWF, designed to spread awareness about our current environmental impact, Earth Hour is an hour set out each year, allowing people from around the world to turn out the lights and take note on some of the damage we as a species have caused.

But there’s more than just that, as Earth Hour also sees the introduction of several campaigns around the world that have been designed to increase awareness in various other issues, sort of connected they range from draughts all the way to the deforestation of amazing world wonders like the Amazon.

Last year we blacked out the site for this hour to show our support, and this year we will be doing the same, but before our blackout commences we wanted to provide a few more details on how great this campaign truly is.

The biggest reason this campaign is something that is important is its need to save the world, let’s be honest for a minute, up to now we have pretty much ruined this place we call home, dumping toxic waste into its skies, plastic bags into its floor, and in turn we have caused the destruction of areas with great beauty, all of which has of course lead to some hazardous consequences, the biggest of which is something we have now named climate change.

Those two words are couple that a lot of people seem to see as myth, for some strange reason no one wants to accept the inevitable, that we have truly fucked up Earth, most of them lacking the energy to get off their asses and start saving for the future generations to inhabit it, I mean who really wants to turn out like the dinosaurs?

In just an hour, WWF’s Earth Hour managed just a small percentage of the massive leap we need to take. Launching the campaign on March 23rd 2013 at 8:30PM, the lights begun to turn off in Samoa, shortly after making its way across the globe to over 7,000 cities, towns, and municipalities across more than 150 countries and territories, all of whom working as one, leaving out disagreements, made up wars and desperation to become the biggest survivor, the world finally become one with one common goal.


However it’s not only countries and territories that took part in the campaign last year, with a range of fund-raising events taking place around the world, WWF was able to spread awareness on a much larger scale, all thanks to the help they received from people like you and me.

Well I say me, more you as honestly I use a lot of technology, being a tech-geek it can sometimes be hard not too, however still today there’s many reasons why you don’t have too, simple additions like WWF’s Pro-Earth application for Android will let you know when its time to stop charging that device, and will even work out when you have too many lights on around you.

Alongside which the addition of solar panels and electricity could not only help the earth, but also save you a few quid a year (and in most cases earn you a couple), however this can sometimes be inaccessible, so a simple solution would be to just switch out the daily buy of a plastic ready-made bottle of water for one that you have poured at home into a reusable container, small things that like could make a huge difference, but only in huge numbers.

And that’s exactly why Earth Hour is important, and why we are happy to see it return or one more year, this time planned for March 29th 2014, we will once again all be able to give a bit to the place where we constantly take from, but constantly give nothing.

As always we will be turning TechNutty black during the hours of 8:30PM and 9:30PM on March 29th 2014 in order to support the campaign, in which time we will be directing you to the Earth Hour campaign, where we suggest you spend the time instead, well that’s unless you haven’t already done it anyway.

Their website is:, go check it out and try to find a way you could support this fantastic campaign, and remember, send us and WWF some information about your endeavours.

Thanks for all your work,

The TechNutty Team

Images and video via: Earth Hour

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