Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 game was one of the most popular games to hit the PC, and now we know that it wasn’t the end of the story, it was just more of the beginning, as Firaxis has today announced the release of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth game in Fall 2014, a game which will continue on from the science victory ending of Civilization 5.

In the game you will be in charge of a new programme to colonize a new world outside of earth, sort of like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, however not, as according to David McDonough, Beyond Earth’s co-lead designer, “This game is not an Alpha Centauri sequel or prequel. It’s its own idea, its own experience, based on the idea of the future of mankind on an alien world.”


It also won’t be released as an expansion pack for Civ 5, but as a fully-fledged title, switching from the traditional linear tech tree that other Civ titles use, to a more open-ended system, “We’re huge fans of sci-fi from every part of pop culture and history, so we went to that and imagined a web where you start in the middle, surrounded by techs that are relatively recognizable based on conventional technology, and you go outward into any frontier you can imagine,” McDonough continued, explaining that gamers will be able to access options like advanced AI and even genetic manipulation to get ahead of their competitors.

There’s also some new factions alongside the available technologies, allowing users to select several “Affinities” that will allow them to determine how their faction evolves, with Affinity-exclusive units and add-ons. These “Affinities” include Supremacy, Wealth, Purity, and Harmony.

It all sounds pretty darn cool, but one of the coolest parts of this announcement isn’t the details, it’s the announcement trailer that comes with it, which doesn’t provide a look at any of the gameplay, but does get us extremely excited for the game’s launch. Check it out below.

Also head on over to the source link below, where IGN have provided some extra details on the game itself.

Source: IGN

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