You may remember the Sifteo Cube release about a year ago, which has now been upgraded with the same old 1.7 inch full-color touchscreen blocks that can communicate with each other wirelessly, responding gesture commands from the player, each brick games with four games downloaded which can be added to via downloadable titles.

The 2nd generation of the cubes are now a bit more wireless, with no control dongle needed to connect to your PC in order to run the cubes,the key word is “a bit more” ass the new models include a separate Sifteo Base Station that does the same job, but does run on batteries so it is kinda wireless after-all.

The base station will also store players games, play game audio with the built-in speaker, and the only time the 2nd gen cubes actually need to be connected to a computer is when you want to install a new game.

All of the cubes feature a 3-axis accelerometer, proximity sensors and 2.4GHz wireless communications technology. The state pack comes with three cubes and the base station mentioned earlier as well as four pre-loaded games.

One of the biggest features is the new 12 cube setup, which allows you to add additional cubes to unlock bigger and better games and content, such as levels, puzzles and special characters.

The part I’m not to sure about is the removable of the previously rechargeable battery in favor of a single AAA battery needed in each cube.

The new Sifteo Cubes will be available from November, with US pre-orders open now for $129.95 for the three cubes starter pack, $199.95 for the six cubes bundle, add-on cubes can also be purchased for $29.95 each, all from Sifteo’s website,

If you live in the UK, you can also pick up the cubes from the distributor, RM Education who are selling the six cube set for £230, over at,

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