A new crowd-funding project has this week been launched called Silent Power, that is set to be the world’s smallest high-end PC.

Featuring copper foam on top of the computer that will suck up and dissipate heat from some of the hottest elements of the computer without the need of air or liquid cooling system, which means that the computer can be a lot smaller and even noiseless.

Silent Power’s manufacturer says that this process will mean that the computer will never heat up above 50 degrees centigrade, despite the device on measuring 15 x 13 x 7 centimeters.

The company aims to earn €45,000 in its crowdfunding stage in order to get into product, after which they say that the cheapest version of the PC will cost €699, and will even ship to the UK, United States and other selected countries in Spring 2015 according to the company.

You can find out more about the Silent Power PC at the source link below in the meantime.

Source: Silent Power

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