Since it was first released in 1989, SimCity has put on its big boy pants and started to grow, with the new 2013 edition of the game you will find a ton of new enhancements and features that are sure to empress during gameplay, at its heart is the new road systems, which will now control more or less everything within the game, carrying all of your cities resources and waste down a single path.

As before any building or zone you place has to be attached to one of these roads, thankfully Maxis have made this easier with the introduction of new road tools and grids, this will help you maximize the economic potential of your city, displaying the right point at which you should place a road, ready for when the inevitable skyscrapers are built.

The game also allows for the introduction of curved roads into your city, allowing for more intricate and detailed designs.

SimCity German City-Set

As mayor of the city, you will still need to make sure there are certain things in place for your city’s residents such as police, firefighters and health services, and if you don’t you’ll soon find your sims protesting outside of your mansion or city hall.

Power, water and transport are still huge parts of the game, basically governing your city as without them, you city simply won’t run.However these are not the only ones to look out for, with the addition of garbage and the need to remove all of your sims waste, you’ll soon find your bank balance dwindling.

However there are ways you can supplement this, by plopping an oil rig, gambling house or even the Leaning Tower of Pisa those Simoleon Dollars will soon come rushing bank, if they don’t your given the option to increase taxes or take out 1 of 3 bonds maximising at 100,000, which is probably best left until you really need it.


Only once you start to upgrade all of this, you will notice the biggest problem with SimCity, the size of the cities available to build on.

Soon after you have built your first simopolis you will start to notice the city borders, making the game feel extremely claustrophobic and restricting any ability to create those massive structures you may be used to in previous titles, during which time your sims will start to notice it too, traffic starts to clog your city’s streets, making delivery of goods item your city a real struggle.

To help fight the early signs of traffic you will need to choose how you place roads carefully, making sure not to make too many junctions and to upgrade the density of your roads frequently.

This all helps to bring a new human face to game however, and being able to follow each and every one of your sims road at any given time is defiantly a cool feature.

With the new SimCity you can do that by simply zooming into any one of your streets, from this view you can see all the day-to-day goings on within your city, allowing you to peek into the thoughts of your residents as they make their way back home or even to that new theatre you just plopped down.

SimCity Casino City

There are a few already well known problems with the game however, the first is the introduction of always-on connectivity, which will stop you from playing the game if you are not currently connected to the internet, a new feature for the SimCity franchise and one that has not gone down too well with the SimCity community.

Despite this, you still find the same old addiction to this game as you always have, I myself have been playing for around 40 hours now, and I have no intention of giving up any time soon, which is defiantly down to some of the new features of the game.

The biggest of which is the new social features that Mazis have introduced, allowing you to build an entire region that can include a number of cities built by you and your friends, a feature I found to be great, allowing each city within a region to communicate and share its resources between each other is a great one, allowing you to make towns for specific specialties such as mining, supplying the region with power or even collecting all the rubbish.

All this work will now add up to one main achievement, called the great works, you and friends can team up to build up one area of the region for a specific specialisation such as a space station, power plant or even an international airport.


Overall I really enjoyed playing SimCity, despite the first couple of weeks of connectivity issues, the game still managed to make me want to keep logging in and playing more and more, trying to build that city I first dreamed up, all games come with their issues in the first couple of weeks, and I’m personally not going to change my judgement of this game because of that, as it is an issue that has now been fixed it is no longer one which should effect the games review (the reason I left it this late to review the game).

The graphics in the new game are great, the sound is excellent and the gameplay is far too addictive, what more could you want from a game that only costs £50?

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