I have always been a fan of SimCity ever since I got the first one on the DS and the game looks to be getting even better with age.

The more trailers I watch for SimCity 2013 to more I just want to break into EA headquarters and play the game (not condoning stealing), the gameplay looks sleek with even better graphics than ever before in this title and with the latest trailer the game just keeps adding more reasons to buy it.

The new trailer revealed on YouTube provides a first look at the games Multi-Player showing how your friends and other players around the world can build their own neighboring regions that you can communicate with, helping each other out along the way.

The way it was explaining in the trailer was if for instance you or the other player has built a strong police force with a helipad, this would allow both cities to benefit preventing crime within both regions, you will also be able to share power with other cities and even share convicts.

Check out the trailer above.

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