EA Mobile has today announced a new version of SimCity that it plans to launch specifically for mobile devices, called SimCity BuildIt, the new game was announced today for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and select Android devices.

As of yet the publisher has yet to announce details for the title, and aside from them saying that it will be released “soon” and that it will be an “all-new SimCity game like you’ve never seen before, designed for gamers on the go” we don’t really know all that much.

Looking at the screenshot that was provided, it does however look similar to the current SimCity game, so will likely simply be a stripped down version of that.

We do know that citizens will still play a huge role in the way your city evolves, however EA have yet to elaborate on how they will play a part exactly. They did however note that the game won’t be viewed from a static isometric point, meaning that players will be able to rotate the viewing angle 360 degrees using the touchscreen.

We also know that the game will launch on the App Store and on Google Play, however as yet no information on pricing has been revealed.

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