After being successfully funded on Indiegogo earlier this year, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum VEGA handheld controller and game system will launch on August 24th, priced at £99.99 it is now available to pre-order, including free UK delivery.

The VEGA will also come pre-loaded with over 1,000 licensed ZX Spectrum games.

It was developed by the former ZX Spectrum Developer, Chris SMith and raised more than £150,000 with its campaign on Indiegogo, it combines a game console and controller in one portable device.

Users can also load new games via the microSD card slot, and they can even play games you have programmed yourself. It also comes with some added extras from the original, with no loading times, ready-mapped buttons for all games, a USB port to power the device and video/ audio inputs to connect to your TV.

On top of all that it has also been designed and manufactured in the UK.

You can find out more and pick one up at the source link below.

Source: FunStock

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