Clive Sinclair born on 30th July 1940 and is one of the best British entrepreneur and inventor, and is most known for his work in consumer electronics, his first invention being the world’s  first slim-line electronic pocket calculator in 1972 which was called the Sinclair Executive, after his first invention he decided to move on to build Home Computers, the first was the UK’s first mas-marketed computer for less than £100 and was called the ZX80.

The ZX80 was a remarkable machine for it’s price, and allowed people who didn’t have much money to own a computer, something that was not available with any other manufactures, in total the Z80 had 1KB of static RAM, and 4KB of ROM, following the Z80 SInclair upgraded his line to the ZX81 and later the spectrum, after this Clive decided to sell his home computer to a company called Amstrad who created a wide range a computers from the brand including the first affordable portable computer the PPC 512.


In 1985 Clive was later Knighted and founded a new company called SInclair Vehicles producing a well known weird and wacky battery powered vehicle called the SInclair C5, which was a commercial disaster only selling 15,000 units, but according to SInclair “it currently remains the best-selling electric vehicle of all time.”, which I think may actually be true if you don’t include electric cars of course.

SInclair certainly has given the UK a lot to look up-to with some brilliant life changing machines, that will forever be recognised by all, I hate to think what computers would be like today if it wasn’t for pioneers like CLive Sinclair to lead the way. Take a look at this interview we found by BBC Click with Clive Sinclair himself.


And if you have a spare half hour take a look at this too:


What do you think? What would have happened without people like Clive Sinclair? Is there any other entrepreneur’s that we should write about?

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