Much of my childhood and adulthood was spent watching one man and his documentaries, that man is Sir David Attenborough, who I am sure is responsible for inspiring many to be more exploring within their life, but for now he only really does this through the television and an internet connection.

But that is soon about to change, as this week it has been announced that Atlantic Productions will be teaming up with Attenborough to make a new nature documentary for the Oculus RIft, as well as Sky’s 3D service.

Named Conquest of the skies, the documentary is already being filed in Borneo using 3D camera technology for the Sky part, and an eight-camera rig for the Oculus Rift part.

“We’re now filming for the Oculus Rift,” said John Morris (the company’s commercial director) to realscreen. “When we filmed our recent flight in Borneo, we filmed with an eight-camera rig, so you got the full 360-degree experience.”

“I think we’ll see million of these things being sold,” when asked how soon the Vr headset will become a reality. “In terms of the creative challenge, we look at this as being comparable to the beginning of the film industry.”

Source: reelscreen

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