It’s an achievement a lot of kids around the UK have always dreamed of, a Gold Blue Peter badge is most defiantly up there as one of the biggest awards to be given, however for some I’m sure it’s just something else to put on the mantelpiece.

However for Sir Jony Ive that may not be the case, after receiving his badge earlier today, he described the experience as “absolutely incredible”, and has been a fan of the show since he was a child.

The achievement will join his long list of commendations, including his Knighthood and being the main driving force behind the design of the original iPod, oh and he’s also Apple’s senior Vice President of industrial design.

The show which has been running since 1958 has previously awarded greats such as Queen Elizabeth II, David Beckham, Tom Daly and of course JK Rowling.

The prize begins with a white shield and then works its way to a blue ship and various other colours until the person is given the greatest one of the bunch, the gold badge.

I’ve received his badge on a special gadget edition of the show today, where he actually handed out his own Blue Peter badge, etched from solid aluminium using Apple’s own manufacturing tools.

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