Growing up Laser Tag was always the game to play at any birthday party or random occasion, the problem is that outside of that it can be hard to justify playing it, a reason why I would love my own system at home.

Thankfully one Kickstarter project thinks the same, called the Skirmos open source Laser Tag, it does just that, allowing users to create their own Laser Tag systems at home.

“It’s a summer night, and you’re playing an intense game of territories inside a misty forest. Your team is rushing the enemy’s base to capture the remaining territories, while you flank. You glance at your gun’s LCD screen; full health and ammo, and your team is down three territories.” States the projects Kickstarter page.

“You quickly capture a nearby objective and receive an overshield; your gun instantly glows red to indicate it. Two enemies poke out of the trees on the right, you raise your gun to aim, and out-shoot them both. Simultaneously, your team successfully captures the remaining objectives. You win! Skirmos is the ideal game you’ve always wanted to play.”

“The photos and videos shown in this project are prototypes. If we are successful in securing funding, we will CAD and print our own system design. The system isextremely safe and cannot be mistaken for weapon replicas. The system has a transparent design with bright RGB LEDs that change colors (Stretch Goal).

“We, Skirmos, in no way will design the system to replicate real weapons. Our final system design will not match a real gun’s shape, it will contain no magazine, and will not have the key features of a real weapon; while still maintaining a great looking design. The Skirmos team has acknowledged Kickstarter’s specific guidelines and will not sell or promote weapon accessories or replicas.”

You can check out the project by hitting up the link below, where you can pledge $99 or more for your own system.

Source: Kickstarter

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