We are all aware of the annoyance that is dust in a games cartridge, having to blow the cartridge before playing it to ensure it would work on your Nintendo 64 or Gameboy. Skrillex Quest takes this to a new level, the focus of the game is the corruption of game data because of dust in the cartridge. It starts with the line ‘It begin with a speck of dust’ just to sum it all up for you.

I’ve never been a big fan of browser games, only really playing Runescape or Adventure Quest when I was younger, but this one was actually quite enjoyable to play. It is nice and simplistic only using the arrow keys and the space button to control the protagonist around the map, which itself is nicely designed and looks good as well.

The combination of Skrillex and Zelda come together nicely, giving you a fun game to play whilst listening to his music. For those of you not too fond of his music, the songs featured in this game are the much calmer, cheerful songs to go along with the games mood. I liked this aspect of the game as I like Skrillex’s music a lot, not to sound like a hipster and all but I liked this guy before he was so famous, when he was still Sonny Moore in the rock band From First to Last.

If you’ve got some time to spare and want something to chill out to, then I would recommend checking this out. It amused me for at least 5 minutes whilst I was reviewing it. Here’s a link to the website: Skrillex Quest

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