In an effort to further advertise their Now TV service, Sky has today announced the launch of a new set-top box that will allow the user to access Now TV, BBC iPlayer and various other internet services through the TV.

Costing the amazingly small price of £10, the box will connect to your internet connect wirelessly, and allow you to access services like the ones mentioned before, or even use the BBC News App/ Sky News without contract.

However if you want, you can also add Sky Sports to the streaming service, but that will of course need a contract.

With a similar look to the Roku boxes, the box is available from today, ad will be one more way that Sky is trying to enter your living room.

Measuring just 84 x 84 x 24mm, Sky says you can get the box set-up in minutes, stating all a user needs to do is, “plug the box into your TV set via the HDMI cable provided, connect to your wireless internet connection and you’re away,” However we think they might have left out the power, unless it somehow grabs that via HDMI? (I doubt it).

Alongside the £10 for the device, Now TV can be accessed by new customers for free during the first 30 days, after which the service is £8.99 for the next three months, and then £15 a month after, Sky Sports can also be added for a £9.99 daily fee, everything else is free to access.

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