In the UK we have had a Wi-Fi hotspot service called The Cloud for quite some time now, and s one I use quite often, but some news is going to allow me to use it even more as Sky are teaming up with the Wi-Fi service to bring paying broadband customers access to 10,000 Cloud hotspots across the UK for free

In order to connect to this Sky have built their own app named Sky Cloud WiFi (I know extremely imaginative), which will be available on both iOS and Andriod, when you first open the app you will have to add a few pieces of information which will allow you to connect to the hotspot automatically, which will be both your Sky username and password, after which you will then be able to use the app to show you directions to the nearest hotspot and then connect to it. If you don’t have one of the two devices you can access the hotspots through your web browser.

In order to get access to these hotspots for free you will have to be a Sky customer with Broadband Unlimited, Sky Connect or on a soon to be launched Fibre Unlimited tariff, if you are on any other subscription you will have to upgrade to access the service for free. Alongside that you will also only be allowed to connect six devices to your account, but there will be no data caps or time limits you will just have to wait until mid-April 2012 to access it.

Are you a Sky subscriber? Is this good news for you?

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