Today Sky announced the addition of some new features for their Sky+ platform that have been borrowed from the more modern Sky Q platform.

These new features include Auto Play, which enables it to automatically play the next episode of a TV series that you are watching, as long as it is in your planner.

With this feature, pressing the green button on the Sky remote will also move to the next episode from any point of the current episode that you are watching.

To make this feature useful, Sky has also added the Download Next feature to Sky+, which will suggest downloads of the next episode in a series that you are watching.

But that’s not all, Sky also introduced a Catch Up series link feature that automatically record the next available episode of Catch Up TV.

To use it, go to the Catch Up TV section, or navigate to a Catch Up TV show that has been downloaded and then press the green button on your Sky remote to Series Link it.

Finally, they also added a new accessibility option to increase the size of the font on the Sky+ homepage.

These new features are also already available on Sky Q.

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