With the new James Bond film, Skyfall set to hit cinemas on October 23rd Sky has planned to celebrate by launching a dedicated HD movie channel which will only carry all of the James Bond movies, starting from Dr No and ending at Quantum of Solace, alongside the two unofficial movies.

To make it even better however is you don’t even need to be home to watch it, as Sky will be making the channel available on Sky Go, which will allow your iPad, iPhone, Mac or Android devices to access the 007 omnibus whilst on the move.

The movies will also be hitting their new Now TV service, allowing subscribers to stream in full HD whenever they like.

The first 007 movie will start showing on October 5th  and will run all the way up to the last film, after which it will continue to be offered until the end of the month.

[jwplayer mediaid=”11839″]

Via [PocketLint]

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