The UK satellite broadcaster, Sky has today announced their new AdSmart program that has been designed to target ads to TV viewers based on their interests and locations, bringing TV advertisements to the modern era.

Aimed to be more personalised and engaging, the program will allow Sky to send advertisements over the air and change them depending on the viewer, so theoretically one person could be watching a completely different ad to what everyone else is watching even on the same program.

Andrew Griffith, Sky’s chief financial officer, said that “with Sky AdSmart, we want to make TV advertising work better for viewers and advertisers, by enabling advertisers to better segment the TV audience, Sky AdSmart has the potential to open up TV advertising to many more brands and businesses.”

AdSmart will do this by sending an entire library of adverts to the users Sky+ HD box, after which it will select the adverts it thinks will best match that household’s profile and make them live during the advertising slots, choosing adverts based on the viewers postcode alongside publicly available demographic information.

If a customer doesn’t want this to happen, they can opt out at any time on the SKy’s website or by calling Sky customer service.

The first advertisers to sign up to the program include Tesco, RBS, Littlewoords, Audi, Citroen, American Airlines and DIal-A-Flight, all of whom should be rolling out campaigns with the service later this year.

Source: Sky AdSmart

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