If you’re on Sky then you might have noticed that Sky’s current broadband hub isn’t that great, in fact I switched just last month just because of that, thankfully Sky has decided to launch a brand new router which has been named the Sky Hub and promises the “best wireless range of any major provider” in the UK.

The company also mentioned that the Sky Hub will provide “the best wireless range of all major ISPs’ routers and lets users get online even further away in the home,” which will as they say will mean customers will no longer have to worry where the router is placed in their home,

Around the back of the hub is 4 MIMO aerials that can scan for a potential interference in your home before selecting te best wireless channel, for the strongest and most reliable connection possible.

The new router also includes 4 100mb ports with LEDs that show the activity of each port allowing you to track usage from each device.

The new Sky Hub will be available as standard for customers who join or switch to the service from October 18th, existing Sky Broadband customers will however be able to but the new router for £39 for a limited period, after which the hub will set them back £69.

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