Reports have today been released that may tip Sky to be launching a new 4K Ultra HD enabled set-top box in the UK sooner than we originally thought.

The reports come from The Daily Telegraph who are citing industry sources who are stating that Sky might be planning for a new premium service which will be available with a new, higher level premium subscription.

The subscription and new boxes would be capable of playing 4K material, however there’s not too many broadcasters offering 4K right now, or anytime soon.

It is however reported that Sky may be looking to launch the service early in order to beat BT to the punch, making sure that they acquire the rights to the Champions League first by being the first provider to offer Ultra HD content and hardware.

Sources also claim that Sky will add the ability to link the new box with smartphones and tablets to allow for remote viewing, and it is said to be able to store recorded programmes in the cloud, rather than on a hard drive.

It is believed that Sky will launch the reported box and premium service next year.

BT are also said to be introducing a set-top box soon, and Virgin Media is currently running trails for the delivery of 4K content in the UK.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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