Sky has officially revealed that the new Sky Q system will be available for purchase from February 9th, available for new customers from £42 a month.

For any existing customer, Sky Q packages will be priced at around £12 a month above their current Sky+ HD subscription.

These costs are different depending on the package you choose, and all customers will need to pay initial fees to have the equipment installed, which also change depending on the package.

For example it is available with the Sky Q TV package for £42 a month, including Sky Broadband and Sky Movies or Sky Sports, the Sky Q box will cost £99 and the Sky Q Silver box will be priced at £149.

You can also get the Sky Q Silver bundle, which will be priced at £54 a month and will include a Sky Q Mini box. With this bundle you will be able to add Sky Movies for an extra £17 a month, or Sky Sports for an extra £25.50 a month.

If you don’t take Sky Broadband, Movies or Sports, the new Sky Q boxes will cost £249 and £299 respectively, with the Sky Q Silver bundle costing £299 as part of this.

You will also be able to purchase extra Sky Q Mini boxes for £99 each.

There will also be a one-off installation fee of £50 for existing customers. And those who take Sky Broadband with Sky Q, or already have Sky Broadband when taking a new system will also get a Sky Q Hub as part of the package.

You can find out more about Sky Q at the source link below.

Source: Sky

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