Game of Thrones season 3 will air in the UK from April 1st, just a day after the showing n the US, and to celebrate Sky will be offering both season 1 and 2 to stream on their On Demand service, which you need to be a Sky+HD subscriber to access, users on Sky Go will also be ale to stream the show too.

Season 3 will air on Sky Atlantic HD from 9pm.

Elaine Pyke the director of Sky Atlantic HD, is obviously excited about this deal, stating the following in his statement:

“Game of Thrones has a huge fanbase in the UK and we are thrilled that from 1 April we will be able to give our customers access to seasons 1 and 2 On Demand, as well as the new season 3 episodes exclusively on Sky Atlantic HD, less than 24 hours after the US broadcast.”

Season 3 has already been confirmed to be the longest yet, compressing of 10 episodes, which will each run at 56 and 57 minutes, a max increase of 5 mins per episode.

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