In the UK the broadband speed you get is mostly determined by a number of issues with the BT Openreach structure, resulting in slow internet for more or less anyone that isn’t using a fibre optic connection.

Thankfully Sky and TalkTalk have this week decided to cut the OpenReach cord and start laying down their own fibre optic cabling, allowing both of the broadband providers to offer up to 1000Mbps internet in the UK.

Obviously this will take a while however, so don’t expect it tomorrow.

The service will however be available for those living in York by 2015, with two other cities shortly after that, and then the rest of the UK soon after, well we say soon, likely a few years after.

That said this is still excellent news, as any connection that offers 1Gbps outside of London s definitely something to look forward too.

Source: Sky

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