Sky has this week rolled out a number of new features to its Sky+ customers, bringing a set of new features that will allow customers to binge watch shows easily.

The new update will allow users to download an entire season for a selection of TV shows, with a new feature that will automatically start the next episode in a series’ box set after the previous episode has concluded.

This brings the features that many have come to enjoy with services like Netflix and Amazon prime back to the home TV, allowing you to “Sky and chill” for as long as you desire.

Alongside this, Sky has also enhanced their Series Link feature, allowing users to line up a whole box set to watch with the new Download All option, this conjoins with the Watch Next feature, which will show an on-screen prompt to watch the next episode towards the end of the show, to keep watching the users simply needs to press the green button and the next episode will play immediately.

Sky have also said that they have introduced more recognisable show images across Sky+, alongside the news that Sky customers will get exclusive access to the full series of The Tunnel: Sabotage and Showtime hit Billions at the same time as the first episode premieres on Sky Atlantic.

These new updates should be rolling out to customers over the next few weeks.

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