Sky began the race for 4K broadcasting with the launch of its new Sky Q service this year, which is currently capable of receiving 4K UHD content, but has yet to be enabled.

Today, we now when it might be enabled as Sky has today confirmed some of the first content to be shown on the service.

This was with the news that Sky will be broadcasting the Formula 1 race season in 4K Ultra High Definition from 2017, delivered via their Sky Q service.

Sky has previously said that Sky Q won’t be getting 4K UHD content until this summer, which also suggests that they might also broadcast the Premier League Football season in 4K UHD, however, that is yet to be confirmed.

This also comes after the recent news that Formula 1 will be exclusive to the Sky service in 2019.

We don’t yet know how Sky will deliver 4K content, however, we can presume that it will be available to all Sky Q subscribers that also subscribe to the valid channels, such as the Sky Sports package for sports content.

We will update you when we learn more.

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